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Career Launchpad is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to strengthen their workforce.

Supercharge Your Team: Hire from Our Pool of Top Candidates

What differentiates our candidates from the rest?

What sets our candidates apart?

Entrepreneurial mindset

The ability to create value, innovate, and adjust to different circumstances

Strong communication & presentation skills

Clarity and understanding leading to better teamwork and better development of ideas

Ability to take initiatives

Taking the leap in the team and a great idea-generation ability

Equipped with a variety of skills

A variety of skills that empowers them to deliver better on the task

What differentiates our candidates from the rest?

What sets our candidates apart?

Career Launchpad is committed to helping your organization thrive.

With our expertise in talent acquisition and commitment to excellence, we aim to co-create tailored solutions for your organization's needs.

Streamlined Recruitment and Development

We understand that finding the right talent is critical. That’s why we carefully vet our candidates to ensure they closely match your job requirements.

Shortened Hiring Cycles

We accelerate the hiring process by promptly matching your company’s needs with qualified candidates within 10 days. This rapid turnaround reduces time-to-fill metrics, allowing you to fulfill roles quickly and maintain operational efficiency.

Effective Retention Strategies

Career Launchpad focuses on lowering turnover through a positive work environment and by aligning candidate expectations with organizational goals.

Building a Culture of Innovation and Excellence

Our programs not only equip individuals with the skills they need for career success but also support corporations in creating a forward-thinking workplace culture. This emphasis on continuous learning and innovation helps your organization stay competitive and adapt to evolving industry demands.

How we ensure you get the top talent

Recruiting talent

At Career Launchpad, we screen graduate students to ensure they are genuinely motivated to upskill and improve themselves, ensuring only the most credible participants to embark on a journey of career development.

Reskilling, upskilling and newskilling

We ensure that graduate students enhance their current skills, acquire new skills, and gain additional competencies, making them more capable and effective in their areas of expertise.

Matching them with opportunities

We match them with the right opportunities where they can excel, ensuring their skills and abilities align perfectly with roles that suit them best.

Maintaining their learning by a constant support network

Every CLP fellow stays connected with the team and alumni network, ensuring they receive support whenever needed. We are always ready to assist them in any situation.

How we ensures you get the top talent?

We shorten time to hire by x10 times

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