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Skill Building Workshop

Build new in-demand skills through a series of skill-building workshops.

Experiential Learning

Work on industry projects and gain practical knowledge.

Mentoring Sessions

Learn from the top C-levels in one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Pakistani Employment Landscape


“Senior leaders say they are unhappy with the inability of graduates to justify their higher grades at just the interview or assessment stage”


Pakistan’s Current Population
Of the Population is below 30
Companies are Dissatisfied with Graduates
IT Graduates are Unemployable
Fresh Graduates per Year

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How We Can Help?

Access to 100+ Mentors

Receive 1:1 Mentoring from industry professionals working at leading organizations such as Meta, Google, S&P, Jazz. etc. Form lifelong connections! 

Some of our mentors include Aamir Ibrahim (CEO at Jazz), Parvez Abbasi (Project Director at NIC), Aisha Sarwari (Director Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability at The Coca Cola Company), Hasan Sandila ( VP Digital Products & Growth at Jazz).

Fireside Chats

Have you always wondered why only a very small percentage become CEO? Well, there’s no single way to become a CEO. Indulge in candid conversations with top C-levels and learn what it takes to get to the top of the corporate ladder in their own words! The most important commonality across CEOs isn’t really any particular school or role—it’s the ability to handle complex problems, inspire others, and prove themselves at every stage of their career path.

Access to Job Markets in the UK, US, and ME

Post-COVID, there’s an increasing demand for remote employees. At Career Launchpad, we not only prepare you for the Pakistani Job Market, but we also train you on global hiring practices. Leverage our network to find jobs not just in Pakistan but abroad too including UK, US and Middle East!

Employability Networking Event

“Your network is your net worth.” Networking may seem like a daunting task at first, but it is actually one of the best ways to secure employment as a fresh graduate. Participate in networking events to connect with prospective employers and build rapport to use as a basis for building working relationships!

Opportunity to Work on Multidisciplinary Projects

A huge gap exists between curriculum taught at universities and the needs of the industry. To bridge this gap, engage with our partner organizations to work on real industry projects and gain practical knowledge that is essential for securing a well-paying job!

Why Choose us

Career accelerators/Fellowship programs to bridge the gap between industry and academia is the need of the hour.


Reskilling is crucial for remaining employable in this decade. The World Economic Forum estimates that half of all employees will require reskilling by 2025.


Upgrading your skillset is essential for climbing the corporate ladder. Upskilling allows exponential growth in a short period, enhancing your career path.


Learning new skills is necessary to be ready for future jobs. WEF expects that by 2025 emerging professions will grow from 7.8% to 13.5% of the total employee base.


Feedback From Our Fellows So Far

Mohammad Moiz ul Haq Program Manager at EDWIZ

Career Launchpad offers unparalleled networking opportunities with industry leaders & co-fellows alike. The sessions gave me valuable insights of approaching the employment process for standing out from the huge volume of job applicants. Also, the assigned projects helped bridge the industry-academia gap. Highly recommended for individuals who want to exponentially increase their success rate of landing new opportunities

Seemab Chaudery Management Trainee Telenor Microfinance Bank

I entered the program with little knowledge of the Pakistani job market and left with an incredible range of new skills related to networking, resume building, interviews, and, most of all, a massive boost in my confidence. This fantastic experience and the guidance I received throughout this opportunity were worth all the hours put in, and if you ask me, Career Launchpad is unquestionably the one-shot opportunity to learn it all!

Hamza Khan Growth Manager - Binance

The (not so) hidden truth about job seeking is showcasing value - both to yourself and the people you connect with. Career Launchpad has helped polish that aspect greatly!

Ayesha Noor Fatima Marketing Specialist

Career Launchpad provided me with valuable exposure and allowed me to network with industry professionals which has proven to be a great asset for my professional journey.

Amna Jan Khattak Team Lead - Nestle

Exactly what the name states! Improving employability through skill development, project-based experience and an opportunity to network with employers, mentors and the startup ecosystem!

Faizan Hayat Khan Content Specialist - Edly by Arbisoft

I must say going through the program was an amazing experience for me! It provided me with a platform to learn and polish my skills as well as meet some amazing people.

Faris Khan Associate Technical Client Support - S&P Global

I can say with absolute surety that joining the program was one of the best decisions. The overall experience and learning have opened up multiple avenues in my life, which has helped me get closer to achieving my dreams and aspirations.

Bakhtawar Firdous HR Executive - BAT

Career Launchpad provided me with the opportunity to connect with mentors who helped me identify my strengths and answered my confusions. I'm grateful for the incredible guidance and network that I developed during the course of this fellowship.

Aisha Kashif Digital Marketing Executive - Mont5

Joining the program didn't only help me figure out my next career choice but also acted as a huge myth-buster regarding the Pakistani job market. I'm glad to say that I'd go back and go through the program all over again without the slightest hesitation.

Uzair Siddique Technical Ops Specialist - Glow

As an environmental science graduate, Career Launchpad helped me navigate through the lack of employment opportunities by showing me how I can apply my skills to adopt to the job market. The program was a great learning experience for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in enhancing their skillsets to for overall professional development!

Frequently Asked

Answer: 5 hours weekly are required for curriculum session with another 5 hours for assignments. Some fellows may commit more than this depending on their availabilities.

Answer: All the sessions are delivered in person.

Ans. Yes, you’re highly encouraged to apply. The program is designed such that everyone is accomodated and is easily manageable alongside studies & work commitments.

Meet The Team

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Mahad Imran

Program Manager

Hamza Sharif

Operations Lead

Fatima Naseer

Marketing Lead

Zoone Hassan

Outreach Manager

Abdur Rafay

Partnerships and Outreach Lead

Shayan Malik

Program Associate

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Marketing Associate

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Laraib Mustafa

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